Playing Now in Our Home

Our family loves music. Someone is almost always singing something. Here are a few albums that our family loves that are uplifting and turn our hearts toward Christ. You can find us listening to these during a relaxed family time, in the mornings before starting school, on our way to church, or in the car on the way to fellowship at a friend’s house. Our favorites from each are listed. Check out our playlist on Spotify!

Brian Sauvé is a fellow 1689 Reformed Baptist out in Utah. We’re LOVING his music. Current favorites- Psalm 110 (He will Shatter Kings of Men), Psalm 23, and Bright the Rider
Ghost Ship is out of Seattle, Washington. Their lyrics come straight from the scriptures. We enjoy identifying the passage a song is written about and reading it together. This one is a favorite. The song Revelation of Jesus Christ has so much straight out of Revelation 21 in it. It’s one that we play often, especially driving to church on the Lord’s Day. Other favorites on this album – Adoption, Poverty nor Riches, & Heavy as the Sea.
Citizens – The Joy of Being. Citizens is another Seattle band. They have been a favorite around here for a long time. This album is another one always playing. It’s centered on Christ and has lots of fun, singable songs. This is probably the girls’ favorite. Favorites on this album- Holy Love, Light of Your Grace, Only Jesus Christ, All I Need
This is Ghost Ship’s most popular album and it has some of our absolute favorites on it like Where Were You? (It’s about Job 38-42. I dare you to listen to this song and go read those chapters. You’ll get an understanding of how incredibly BIG and POWERFUL God is.), Son of David (Mark 10), Holy Holy Holy, & Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5)
Sandra McCracken is out of Nashville, TN. Her music is chill, perfect for background music when we have company over or when we’re doing a craft together in our homeschool. Some favorites from this album are We Will Feast in the House of Zion, My Soul Finds Rest (Psalm 62), & Flourishing (Psalm 119)
Yes, another Ghost Ship album. Favorites from this album- Mighty God, Father, Friend, Oh Sinner, Belief

Check out our Spotify Playlist for more!

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