Meatloaf is a love-it or hate-it kind of thing. Which side are you on? Around here, we love a good meatloaf. But it has to be good. So here’s an actually good meatloaf recipe that your family is sure to enjoy! Ingredients: 1Tbsp avocado oil (or other cooking oil of your choice) ~2 lb ground… Continue reading Meatloaf

Backyard Chickens

Here’s what’s new at the Starling residence! We’re getting started with homesteading. We both grew up with parents who did some form or piece of homesteading. Andy grew up with huge gardens, grape vines, hogs, and canning. I grew up with chickens, horses, beef cows, and going to livestock sales. Although we don’t have the… Continue reading Backyard Chickens

What’s a Catechism and Why Does it Matter?

A catechism is simply a tool used by Christians to teach the principles and doctrines of the faith in the form of questions and answers. Many Protestant denominations have lost this today, but historically, even the Protestant denominations had catechisms. These were often used for children and new believers. They are not by any means… Continue reading What’s a Catechism and Why Does it Matter?

4 kids, 5 years old and under. Are we done?

Our family is considered large by most Americans’ standards. We get lots of looks and questions when we go out into public. Our youngest is our first boy. This inevitably causes the question- “Are you done?” I understand the question. In our modern age, many people make specific plans and use a number of measures… Continue reading 4 kids, 5 years old and under. Are we done?


This is my roast recipe. It has made its way into many of the kitchens of the ladies in my church, and it often makes an appearance at our monthly fellowship meals. It’s definitely a husband pleaser! I hope your family enjoys it, too! Ingredients: 3lb Chuck roast 7 red potatoes (more depending on size),… Continue reading Roast

Smoked Chicken

One of our favorite barbecue recipes is smoked chicken! It’s very simple and our friends are often surprised to hear that we only season it with salt and pepper. We let the smokey flavor be the star! Ingredients: 1 whole chicken (without giblets) 2 Tbsp course sea salt 1 Tbsp course black pepper Instructions: Allow… Continue reading Smoked Chicken